Project Development Finance and Real Estate Advisory Services
Since 1995, Westwood Capital has been an innovator in the area of applying structured finance techniques to assist owners and developers of real estate assets. The firm’s real estate activities concentrate on the hospitality and gaming industries as well as other operating property uses such as self-storage, healthcare and specialty/franchise retail. Westwood’s value-added services also include sourcing and negotiating strategic equity and joint venture investments on behalf of its clients. The firm is perhaps best known for its commitment to the hotel and gaming sectors, where Westwood has been involved in transactions ranging in size from $50 million to more than $1 billion, from mega-million dollar multi-use gaming/hotel/retail properties on the strip in Las Vegas; to gaming and non-gaming resorts throughout the Caribbean; to gaming properties throughout Asia. Westwood appreciates that the strategic planning and execution of complex projects requires financial input from the earliest stages, and Westwood prides itself on being one of very few investment banking firms in the real estate arena willing to dedicate resources to multi-year assignments – going shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients, from beginning to end, in order to achieve success.
Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Advisory Services
Westwood Capital includes a leading US investment bank in the field of non-bank, financial services mergers and acquisitions. Since the founding of the firm in 1995, the M&A and financial advisory practice, together with the securitization and restructuring practices, have enabled Westwood to offer an extensive and complementary package of services to non-bank lenders and their shareholders. Over the years, Westwood has been a source of market knowledge for asset-based lenders, specialty lenders, leasing companies and factors, achieving unparalleled success in establishing a market for clients desiring to recognize value through business combinations or sales. Westwood is the right choice for clients who want to enter or exit a financial services business line — be they from mid to large sized banks, non-bank institutions or private equity groups. Westwood has a demonstrated track record of success where others have failed in the disposition of distressed companies and asset pools at prices that recognize the value of underlying origination and servicing platforms.
Securitization and Corporate Finance
Giving clients access to custom-structured securitized debt issuance is a hallmark of Westwood Capital’s product focus. Through privately placed securitizations of hard and financial assets, future-flow securitizations, offerings by first time issuers as well as securitizations of new asset types, Westwood introduces issuers and assets to the capital markets in a way that maximizes the interest of the market and value for the client. Westwood’s principals have been an integral factor in the creation and execution of a number of signature transactions including the first commercial mortgage-backed securities offerings, the first issuance of investment-grade rated asset-backed securities as part of the reorganization of a bankrupt estate, the first investment-grade rated debt issue backed by gaming device revenues, the first major music royalty transaction, and the introduction of securities backed by Small Business Administration loans. As individuals “present at the creation” of the asset-backed securitization industry, Westwood’s senior professionals bring an unparalleled creativity and perspective to the debt capital markets.
Restructuring Advisory Services and Litigation Support
In an age of high leverage and acute business cycles, it is critical for businesses and creditors to have access to highly specialized advisory services during periods of financial difficulty. With extensive experience in structured transactions and the finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE) sector of the business economy, Westwood offers strategic financial advisory assistance that sets the firm apart from others in the restructuring industry. Westwood has represented debtors and creditors in restructurings ranging from $100 million out-of-court work-outs to $5 billion bankruptcy proceedings. The firm is recognized for adding considerable value to situations involving complicated structures and companies with heavy dependence on repeated issuance of securitized debt. Westwood’s principals have been admitted as expert witnesses in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and have advised counsel on litigation theories in cases involving complex financial issues. Westwood is one of the few advisory firms in the structured finance field that can, without conflict or reservation, participate in adversary proceedings against most major lenders, underwriters and service providers, if necessary.
Fund Management and Administration
The partners and employees of Westwood have experience managing various funds including venture capital, sector and long-short hedge funds. Westwood has developed and managed certain proprietary funds to take advantage of certain sector opportunities or to execute a specific investment model. For example, Westwood Capital developed a socially conscious fund to address the opportunities in subprime mortgage market, with a goal of keeping borrowers in their homes. Westwood is currently an administrator to funds with over $100 million in assets.

* All brokerage activities required to be registered under applicable laws and regulations are conducted under Westwood Capital, LLC a member of FINRA and SIPC. Some administrative and advisor activities are conducted by affiliates of Westwood Capital, LLC.