Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Advisory Services
Westwood Capital is a leading US investment bank in the field of non-bank, financial services mergers and acquisitions. Since the founding of the firm in 1995, the M&A and financial advisory practice, together with the securitization and restructuring practices, have enabled Westwood to offer an extensive and complementary package of services to non-bank lenders and their shareholders. Over the years, Westwood has been a source of market knowledge for asset-based lenders, specialty lenders, leasing companies and factors, achieving unparalleled success in establishing a market for clients desiring to recognize value through business combinations or sales. Westwood is the right choice for clients who want to enter or exit a financial services business line — be they from mid to large sized banks, non-bank institutions or private equity groups. Westwood has a demonstrated track record of success where others have failed in the disposition of distressed companies and asset pools at prices that recognize the value of underlying origination and servicing platforms.