Since 1995, the Westwood Capital group of companies has operated based upon a relatively simple notion that investment bankers should be in the business of providing value-added, customized solutions to clients’ capital markets needs — not in the business of “selling” financial products on a high volume, one-size-fits-all basis.

Westwood offers a unique combination of expertise and experience in the development and application of state-of-the-art financial technology in the firm’s practice areas. Industry leaders and innovators in their fields, Westwood’s bankers have been engaged — for an average of nearly two decades each — in the creation and popularization of many forms of financing that are today widely accepted in the financial markets, but were originally custom-designed solutions for individual clients.

It is Westwood’s continuing and passionate focus on giving each client the benefit of the experience and attention of the firm’s most senior professionals that has resulted in an ongoing series of successes for our clients, and industry recognition for the firm. Westwood is the source for maximizing value and opportunity through new ideas and creative solutions — so often “never-before-done” until done by Westwood.